Why SIM Only?

Your mobile phone is in good nick. You know how it works. So, why the overwhelming urge to upgrade it when your contract ends? It will only be a matter of time before the novelty of a swanky new handset wears off and then you’re left with the burden of paying for it. Sticking with … Continued

Mobile Phone Insurance: Make the Right Call

If you’ve ever dropped your mobile phone, you’ll know that sickening feeling as your life flashes before your eyes. The sight of that splintered screen is enough to make a grown man blub. Especially if it’s not insured. Ouch! But where do you get mobile insurance from; what are the different options; and do you … Continued

How to Choose the Best Broadband Provider and Package

Where would you be without broadband? Probably round at your mate’s house using theirs! There are so many deals around that it’s difficult to know where to start if you’re about to switch. To guide you through the maze and help find a provider that’s reliable and will best meet your needs, here’s a few … Continued

How Much is Your Old Mobile Worth?

If you’ve got a new phone recently, chances are you’ve slung the old one in a drawer. Dig it out. That scratched old handset could be worth something. But, who’d buy it and how much would they pay? Here’s a few tips to get the most for your old mobile.      It needs to be in … Continued

Broadband – Switch or Haggle?

Broadband adverts are plastered everywhere. Wherever you look, there are tempting deals offering better rates and quicker speed. Unfortunately, loyalty is rarely rewarded. When you’ve been with a provider for a certain length of time, the prices start going up as the offer comes to an end and the better discounts are used to entice … Continued

Ways to Save on Your Summer Holiday Flights

Thinking of jetting off somewhere warm this summer? Before you get hot under the collar at the sky-high price of flights, look at some of the tricks that can cut the cost of your plane ticket. The long and the short of it. The best time to book a short-haul flight is 70 days – … Continued

Vacation – Staycation? Reasons to Holiday in the UK

Trawling through travel brochures for a holiday abroad always brings a sense of excitement. The pools, the palm trees, the perfect stretch of golden sand, the promise of wall to wall sunshine … There’s nothing quite like jetting off to a foreign country for an amazing time. Or is there? What about pushing the boat … Continued

The Rundown: Travel Insurance. What Cover Do You Need?

Flip-flops, swimming costume, shorts, shades, suncream… When you’re getting ready to go on holiday, travel insurance can end up being last on your list of priorities. As it’s usually only taken out for a short period of time, it can be difficult to know exactly what you need. So, what does a good policy look … Continued

The Rundown: Railcards. Am I Eligible and Is It Worth It?

Train companies are always pushing railcards as a way of saving money. But, are they worth it and are you eligible to apply for one? Here’s the rundown on railcards. The 16 – 25 Railcard      Who is it for? Those aged 16 – 25 (no points for that), and also for mature students, aged 26 … Continued

The Rundown: Car Tax – The Facts

Owning and running a car isn’t cheap. Vehicle Excise Duty – more commonly called car or road tax – is a big hit, and can run into thousands of pounds a year depending on your choice of wheels. Although there’s now no need to display a disc in your windscreen, there’s no avoiding paying car … Continued

Prepaid Travel Cards – Good Idea or Not?

Zloty, Peso, Rial, Ruble, Rupee, Lira, Dong, Franc, Dollar, Euro, even the good old pound… whatever wedge you’re travelling with don’t risk carrying wads of it around. Stashing your cash in a back pocket is never a good idea. Even leaving it in your hotel room can be risky.  Buying a prepaid travel card can … Continued

Cut the Cost of Commuting

If it’s not bad enough having to be there (sorry boss), getting to and from work can be a real pain. It’s not just the delays, the cancellations, the traffic jams, the road works, or the long hike, it’s the expense too. Commuting is unavoidable but there are things you can consider to cut the … Continued