Energy Advice during coronavirus

What to do if you can’t top up your prepayment meter due to the impacts of Coronavirus. Every domestic supplier has made a commitment to the government that they will support customers who are finding themselves in financial hardship due to the current public health issue and are unable to pay for their gas and … Continued

Shopping: Online or Instore – Which is Cheaper?

From bagging a bargain to avoiding the crowds, there’s loads to love about shopping online.   But, do you get the same rush from not actually seeing, touching or even smelling the stuff you’re about to buy? It’s a closely fought contest, which probably comes down to one thing: price.   Is it cheaper to … Continued

Packed Lunches vs School Meals – Which Adds Up?

Every youngster needs a decent meal in the middle of a day to help them keep their energy levels up. School meals have come a long way since the days of lumpy mash, grey mince and semolina. Food standards say they must now include protein rich, unprocessed meat or fish, low fat carbs, dairy such … Continued

How to Save Money Clothes Shopping

Question: Is there a better buzz than clothes shopping? Answer: Yes, when you’re saving money clothes shopping! Fashion may be feel-good, but it can take a serious chunk out of your finances. Bag a few of these tips and tricks and look the part on a budget.      Shop vintage. Sounds so much better than second-hand. … Continued

Hot Tips to Cut the Cost of Cooking

If you’ve ever looked in your freezer and discovered a UFO (Unidentified Frozen Object), or defrosted a steak and kidney pie only to discover (after you’ve poured gravy on it) that it contains apple, then you might benefit from being a little more organised in the kitchen. Taking something out of the fridge or cupboard … Continued

Green Living Ideas for Frugal Families

Does going green leave you in the red? There’s a bit of an illusion that environmentally friendly equals expensive – that going for cost and convenience is kind to the pocket but not to the planet. The great news is, you can lead the good-life and be cash savvy. Here we provide a few green-living … Continued

Great Gifts for Under a Fiver

Buying gifts on a budget doesn’t mean you’re a cheapskate. The best presents are the ones where more thought than money has gone into them. Check out these genius gift ideas, all for under a fiver!        Gin and Tonic flavoured lip-balm, £4.99. You could be on the receiving end of this gift!        King … Continued

Down the Pan: Cutting the Cost of Toiletries

Open any bathroom cabinet and it’s usually jammed full of random products. Sticky bottles, half-empty containers, gunky tubs of gel, assorted sprays… Toiletries are everyday essentials, but they can also be expensive. No-one is going to suggest you give up on personal hygiene. Not least of all the person sat next to you at work. … Continued

Decluttering – How Owning Less Can Make You Buy Less

Ever fancied living with less stuff? We’re all surrounded by so many things, is it any wonder life can feel so chaotic. There can be a great sense of freedom in letting go. Getting rid of things you don’t like, want or need. Living with less but making room in your life for more – … Continued

Cheap as Chips! Tasty Ideas for Packed Lunches

Making and taking a packed lunch to work, college, or a day out can seem like a bit of a faff. But, when you haven’t got a sausage and the chips are down (terrible, sorry), preparing your own food can be cheaper, healthier and, if you go about it the right way, a bit of … Continued

Budget Basics Every Parent Should Know

Having a child is a life-changing experience. There’s rarely a dull day (or a peaceful night). But – and here’s the thing very few people tell you – they can be very expensive! How much stuff can such a little person need? Answer: lots. And lots. And lots. First, there are clothes. If you think … Continued

15 Ways To Save On Your Weekly Shop

Supermarket sting /ˈsuːpəmɑːkɪt stɪŋ/ Noun The gut-wrenching hit your bank balance takes when the cashier values your trip out for milk and bread at £37.86. We’ve all felt it, regretted it, and subsequently fallen into the same traps again days or weeks later. Abiding by your weekly or monthly grocery budget is easier said than … Continued