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Great Gifts for Under a Fiver

Buying gifts on a budget doesn’t mean you’re a cheapskate.

The best presents are the ones where more thought than money has gone into them. Check out these genius gift ideas, all for under a fiver!


  •      Gin and Tonic flavoured lip-balm, £4.99. You could be on the receiving end of this gift!


  •      King or Queen for the Day Inflatable Crown, £2.49. For the person who’s not afraid to let the occasion go to their head.


  •      A personalised coaster, £2.49 for one, £4.95 for two. Slot in a photo of the recipient and tell them they’re hot stuff.


  •      A scented candle, 99p – £4.99. Everybody likes candles. Make it that bit special by choosing a smell that evokes happy memories.


  •      One-million-pound note, £2.99. If you won the lottery you’d give them the real thing, but this will do in the meantime.


  •      Belgian chocolate pizza slice, £2.99. Makes a change from ham and pineapple.


  •      Framed photo, £5. Nice frame, great picture, never fails to hit the mark. Write a special message on the back for that extra touch.


  •      Jar of sweets, £1 – £5. Fill a recycled jar with their favourite sweets – Gummy Bears, humbugs, jelly beans, the choice is half the fun.


  •      Gift card for their favourite coffee shop, £5. Coffee and a cookie on that special day? What’s not to love!