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How to Save Money Clothes Shopping

Question: Is there a better buzz than clothes shopping?

Answer: Yes, when you’re saving money clothes shopping!

Fashion may be feel-good, but it can take a serious chunk out of your finances. Bag a few of these tips and tricks and look the part on a budget.

  •      Shop vintage. Sounds so much better than second-hand. If you’ve never given it a go, you’ll be amazed at what you can uncover in charity shops. The secret is to head to those in more affluent towns where the quality of the stock will be that much better. If you’re prepared to root through some weird stuff you can uncover some absolute gems.
  •      Max the discounts. Why pay full price for certain brand or designer names when you can pick them up at high-street discount stores with anything up to 80% slashed off the price tag? Again, you’ve got to be prepared to sift through the often-overloaded racks, but so worth it when you stumble across the bargain of a lifetime.
  •      Subscribe. Sign-up for emails and newsletters from your favourite retailer and get a welcome discount and early alerts about sales and special events. Create a special account if you want to avoid cluttering up your inbox.
  •       Be sales savvy. Don’t buy something just because it seems like a bargain if you’ve got nothing to go with it. Chances are, you’ll never find anything to go with it and it’ll hang in your wardrobe shouting ‘Waste of money’. Target gaps in your wardrobe and look for staple pieces that will complement what you already have and won’t date.
  •      Budget basics. You’ll never go wrong adding things to your wardrobe like a good-quality t-shirt, crisp white shirt, great jeans, quality shoes, nice leather jacket, decent winter coat. These are more likely to stand the test of time than anything with logos/slogans or gimmicky pictures.
  •      Avoid the weekend. Most retailers start marking down on a Thursday to prepare for the weekend rush. Get in ahead of the crowds and bag the best gear.
  •      Invest wisely. Spend the most on things that matter. Chances are you’ll only wear that bikini (girls) or those Speedos (boys?!) for a fortnight. So, don’t go mad buying the most expensive, designer versions. They’ll get ruined in the sun, sea, sand and chlorinated water anyway.
  •      Check around. Finding the best prices on the high street can be time consuming and tiring. So, do all your research online. It’ll save your feet and your finances.
  •      Consider renting. For that one-off special occasion such as a wedding or a ball that party frock or fancy suit can cost a fortune and then just gather dust in the back of your wardrobe. There are plenty of places where you can hire something special.

With all the money you’ve saved from these tips, you can treat yourself to something new!