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Cut the Cost of Commuting

If it’s not bad enough having to be there (sorry boss), getting to and from work can be a real pain. It’s not just the delays, the cancellations, the traffic jams, the road works, or the long hike, it’s the expense too.

Commuting is unavoidable but there are things you can consider to cut the cost.

Car share

Sharing the journey to work with a friend or colleague can cut the cost of your commute by half.

You can either alternate who drives or work out a weekly contribution if only one of you is behind the wheel. Car sharing will not only cut expenses, it could speed up travel-times if you can access car-sharing lanes, and a bit of banter might break the monotony of an otherwise boring journey.

Consider sticking something on the work noticeboard or in the staff newsletter to see if there are any colleagues interested. Failing that there are several car sharing websites that can match you up with someone in your area.

Bike it

Pedal power is worth a ponder if your commute to work isn’t too long or hazardous.

Check if your workplace is a member of the Cycle-to-Work Scheme. If it is, you can get your hands on a bike, helmet and all the relevant safety gear tax-free and sometimes heavily discounted.

There are things to factor in. Are there cycle paths on your route to work? Will bad weather make your journey difficult? If you must be suited and booted for your job, can you leave your clothes in the workplace (no underwear in the filing cabinet, please). Does your organisation have showers you can access?


Move along the bus. Travelling by public transport can be so easy if the connections work in your favour. What’s not to love about 10 minutes to read, snooze or contemplate the meaning of life? Even if it doesn’t take you directly to your place of work or front door, you could get off at the nearest stop and walk the rest of the way. Some employers offer interest-free season ticket loans to buy a year-long travel pass up front – which can save money. Check to see if yours is one of them.

Park and ride

This combination of driving and public transport is a great way of saving you the hassle of finding – and paying for – a parking space, which can be eye-wateringly expensive in city centres.

Walk tall

No brainer but we’ve got to mention it in case you’ve forgotten what those things on the end of your legs are for! Like cycling, walking is only an option if your commute is not overly long, but it will get you fit and ensure you hit your daily step-target. Your local authority may have walking-route planners which highlight the quickest and best way to go.