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National Apprenticeship Week at MoneyPlus

This week MoneyPlus are celebrating this year’s National Apprenticeship Week (NAW), a week dedicated to championing and highlighting apprenticeship schemes throughout the UK. NAW is an opportunity for companies and businesses across the country to highlight their amazing apprentices and the opportunities that apprenticeship programs can offer for new and emerging talent to get their start in the industries they’re passionate about.

This year’s theme is ‘skills for life’ highlighting the kind of lasting impact that an apprenticeship can have on a future career and showing the importance of giving new starters, the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to excel, well into and after their apprenticeship schemes have ended.

Throughout the years, MoneyPlus has hosted many exciting apprenticeship opportunities and continues to support and encourage apprenticeship roles and learning for both new and existing members of the team.
Through welcoming new apprentices into the business, MoneyPlus has been able to incorporate passionate new talent into the industry and play host to the start of many successful and lasting careers.

Apprenticeships at MoneyPlus

MoneyPlus has welcomed apprentices, and further learning initiatives from Learning & Development schemes to Marketing Apprentices, Insolvency accreditation, and Paralegal training.

More recent apprenticeship successes include our Learning & Development admin assistant, Lucy Walker: who recently completed her apprenticeship with distinctions across the board!

Apprenticeship schemes have continued to welcome new and exciting talent into the business and have marked the beginning of many lifelong careers both here MoneyPlus and further in the industry outside the company.

Applying for an apprenticeship role at MoneyPlus

We’re always willing to welcome new opportunities for those who are eager to start their career.

If you are interested in doing an apprenticeship at MoneyPlus and think you would be a good fit here at the company, don’t hesitate to email our careers team.

We’re always open to finding a culture fit here at MoneyPlus.

Further learning with MoneyPlus

MoneyPlus also values continuous learning and gives our teams the opportunities to further their skills. We know that when our people learn, so do we, and this is why our Learning & Development department continues to offer and support further learning. We encourage our team to engage in future development and seek out opportunities to gain new skills and experiences, both in and outside of the company.

Currently, our L&D team is supporting a number of our colleagues with CPPI and JIEB courses to further progress their careers in Insolvency, as well as Paralegal apprenticeship courses.

Learn more about further learning and careers at MoneyPlus

If you want to learn more about careers and further learning opportunities that are available here at MoneyPlus, you can visit our careers page to see all our available roles and areas of growth that a position at MoneyPlus can offer.

For more on National Apprenticeship Week, click here to learn about all the amazing opportunities, webinars and resources available.

We will also be posting throughout the week all things apprentice on our LinkedIn, so head over there to see more.