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Best free money saving apps in 2022 #debtawarenessweek

We all need a break from rising costs. In a year of constant price hikes and inflation where even the Tesco meal deal isn’t safe, we could all do with some free stuff!

So, during #debtawarenessweek we here at MoneyPlus thought we’d highlight some great free apps, that might save you some money and get those household costs down during these difficult times.

(Remember if you are struggling with current or mounting debt concerns, for serious debt advice, speak to one of our advisors or book a consultation through our website)


In terms of genuinely free, no strings attached apps, its hard to beat Olio. From food and drink to TV’s and furniture, Olio is a community of good Samaritans giving and receiving unwanted items in their local community. Sign up is free and simple and once you’ve entered your location (and travel distance) you can see all the listings in your area.

In my experience, I’ve received everything from bread and tea bags to books and even games consoles on Olio! The community built around the app is a positive one and for those struggling to afford food and other essentials, this is an invaluable resource.

Freecycle is also a similar (though considerably less intuitive) way to find genuinely free stuff in your local area.

Too Good to Go

Money may be tighter than ever but giving up the takeaway might just be too big of an ask … Luckily Too Good to Go has your fast-food needs covered! To cut down on food waste, companies offer their unsold or unpurchased food and drink at a heavy discount, allowing customers to get a takeaway for far less than the typical market price. They also offer products from supermarkets, cafes and hotels.

Though it should be warned that the Apps staple ‘magic bags’ can be a gamble, with some paying £4 and receiving over £20 worth of food and others receiving anything from a dozen loaves of bread to 34 broccolis! The consensus is a positive one and there are some great deals to be, like a £23 Greggs hall for £3 for one lucky shopper!

This app and the various similar ones like it are also great for cutting down on annual food waste. Which in the UK, is estimated to be around 6.7 million tonnes per year!


In a time where thinking about your future savings and finances seems impossible, MoneyBox makes saving simple by saving your spare change whenever you shop. By rounding up your purchases to the nearest pound, MoneyBox invests your change into stocks through an ISA savings account.

It might not sound like much, but app developers estimate with an average round up of 28p on purchases a user making roughly 30 purchases per food could end up investing £840 a week for an annual saving of £437 a year! Not bad for the change that would otherwise be gathering lint In your coat pockets or behind sofa cushions.

The apps developers claim that £1000 invested in 2007 with monthly £50 top ups would be worth £8,662 by 2015! This is a great way to begin thinking about saving on a micro level while more major investments may need to sit on hold.


Budgeting and trying to limit your spending is the worse. Luckily, we now have machines to do it for us! Emma is a budgeting app that helps control your spending and stop you from going into the red on a particularly expensive night out …

After connecting your accounts, Emma tracks how your spending habits and gives you a simple breakdown on where you’re spending the most. The app is a great tool for not only budgeting and managing your finances better but also for understanding your spending habits and learning which areas you are needlessly spending in.

Hot UK Deals

Some app names are more subtle than others … Hot UK Deals makes my job easier by being exactly what it says on the tin. Hot UK Deals is essentially a social media app for the best finds and offers across the country. With offers being voted on by their ‘heat’ status, the app hosts deals for everything imaginable and occasion freebies that internet saving detectives have tracked down.

Hot UK Deals is a great, simple resources for finding the best deals across the country and is an easy recommendation for anyone.

Loyalty Card apps

Unlike the name implies, my loyalty is fleeting and so I’m grouping in a bunch of different apps here. Loyalty cards are like an addiction, you ignore that persistent voice on the self-scan telling you to scan your nectar card one day and the next you’re arranging your loyalty app folder in alphabetical order.

Loyalty cards are a simple and free way to get discounts and points on your weekly shop and purchases. They all vary on discounts and what you can earn, but if you’re already using the stores and services anyways, scanning your Lidl Plus or Nectar card at the end of every shop will quickly add up. (You could usually expect one or two shops worth of points per year if you’re doing your main shop there each week)

Often, these loyalty cards come with some nice freebies and birthday offers too, so they’re usually worth the couple of mega bites they take up on your phone for the occasional free coffee or sandwich.