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10 – Unusual Facts About Money

Money might not be able to buy you happiness, but these interesting facts might make you smile.

  1. Research shows that millionaires enjoy better and more adventurous sex with more partners. Studies also show that women enjoy sex more if their partner has more money.
  2. There is more money printed for Monopoly each year than there is cash around the world.
  3. Walter Cavanagh of California is known as ‘Mr Plastic Fantastic’ as he has 13,000 credit cards and keeps them in the world’s largest wallet.
  4. Today, most money isn’t in the form of notes and coins. It is information held on computers in businesses and banks.
  5. It costs more than a penny to make a penny.
  6. Yap islanders in the Pacific use doughnut shaped stones for money. Some are as large as 12 feet across.
  7. Queen Elizabeth II holds the record for having her mugshot on more currency than any other person. Her face is used in more than 30 different countries.
  8. The Chinese invented paper money in the 9th Century AD. Its original name was ‘flying money’ because it could easily blow away.
  9. Rats ate £7 billion belonging to infamous drug baron Paolo Escobar. Ouch!
  10. The phrase ‘to pay through the nose’ dates back to the Danes who would slit the noses of the Irish who wouldn’t pay their poll tax.