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Save Money on Your Phone Contract

We spend a lot of moolah on our mobiles. There are so many models, networks and contracts to choose from these days, it’s difficult to know if we’re getting ripped off.

Factor in minutes, messaging, memory, data, overseas tariffs and a very nice phone cover (no-brainer), and chances are you’re parting with a lot of wedge but not necessarily getting the best deal.

Here’s how you can save money on your mobile phone contract:

Avoid the latest and the greatest. It might hurt not to be carrying the latest handset in your sky-rocket, but you’ll be quids-in every month if you go for a slightly more dated model. Just saying…

Cheap is not always cheerful. It can be tempting to choose the cheapest deal on offer. But check out the small print. If you’re penalised by the minute for going over your allowance it could prove costly.

Day-to-day data. How much is enough? Some users will find 1GB a month more than adequate but if you’re streaming content, watching TV, or on Instagram 24/7 go for at least 4GB or an unlimited data deal.

SIM only. That shiny new model is very tempting but if the phone you already have is decent and you’re not fussed about upgrading, don’t fork out for a replacement handset. Stick with it and switch to a SIM-only deal.

Less capacity. Do you really need to store EVERYTHING on your phone? If the answer is ‘probably not’ then you could save considerably by choosing a lower capacity phone. If the answer is ‘Yes, of course I do’ then ignore this tip.

Spend to save. Paying a small amount up-front could actually save you money on the cost of the handset in the long-term. Crunch the numbers before you commit.

The right signals. Networks might seem like much of a muchness but if you’re currently stood on a chair to read this you’ll know network signals vary hugely across the UK. Check out Ofcom’s mobile network coverage checker map.

Shop around. Comparison sites are worth a gander to get a feel for what’s out there but do your own research as well. Not every network is on a comparison site and some keep their best deals as exclusives. Now you know.

Roam free. If you have friends and family abroad, or travel a lot (lucky you), new data roaming rules mean you can currently use your phone for the same cost as in the UK, but there are certain European countries where the new rules don’t apply so double check with the network before you commit.

One final point – don’t be tempted to save money by not insuring your phone but double check your home insurance and even your bank first as you might already be covered.