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Live Better Blog: Introducing our new blog series!

It’s been a wild year, to say the least.

Without going into too much detail (we all know the ins and outs), many people’s lives have been negatively disrupted throughout the last 12 months, and it has left a pretty devastating mark on many industries.

Although we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re noticing quite a substantial rise in one particular area of suspicious activity aimed at preying on individuals left in a vulnerable position by the pandemic – cyber-crime.

As a business, we’re particularly vigilant when it comes to protecting our customers’ personal information, and we do all we can to prevent any cyber threats that may come our way – but there’s only so much we can do. It’s difficult to help keep all of our customers safe on a personal level.

Thankfully, our highly-regarded cyber security partner, ZeroDayLab, are by our side helping us to help you ward off any dangers. They will be generously donating their time for our new blog series, It’s Personal, which will lift the lid on how you can better protect your personal information online, and the little things to look out for that could stop you falling victim to cyber-crime.


It’s Personal

Our new blog series, in collaboration with ZeroDayLab.


Welcome to It’s Personal, where we let you in on little cyber tips that can ensure your personal safety online, so that you can continue living better offline.

It’s perhaps not a well-known fact that one in every 3,722 emails in the UK is a type of scam called a ‘phishing email’, and around half of cyberattacks in the UK involve phishing… That’s roughly 20% higher than the global average.* That number is worryingly high, and goes to show that anyone can fall victim to an online scam.

Throughout this series, we’ll be covering need-to-know topics about how to stay safe online, including:

  • How to keep you, and your family, safe online
  • How to spot fake job listings and social media posts
  • End-to-end encryption – what it is, and what it means for you
  • How to (safely and securely), shop online
  • The latest attacks and how to spot them, such as Phishing and Telephone scams

We’ll be kicking off our new series in the New Year, and we’ll be releasing It’s Personal posts every other month, so keep an eye on our blog, and our social media (@MoneyPlusPeople)!

For now, we hope you have a great Christmas, and a very happy New Year.

You deserve it.


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*Statistics taken from CSO Online.