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How to Sell Your Car for More Money

The time’s come for you to get rid of your motor. It might be because you need the cash or you’re trading up to a better model. Either way you need to ensure you drive a hard bargain and get as much money in your mitts as possible.

Here’s how:

  •      Sell it privately rather than to a dealer. It means a lot more hard work, but you won’t lose any wedge in commission.
  •      Make it look amazing. You’re not going to transform a Fiat into a Ferrari, but you should aim to make it look the best it possibly can. Wash it, wax it, wing all the junk off the back seat. No crumbs, dog hairs, crisp bags. We’re talking pristine.
  •      The devil is in the detail. You might not have heard of it, but you can have your car detailed. This takes cleaning to a different level. Surface scratches are removed, carpets steam cleaned, even the engine gets a going-over. It’s not cheap, usually around the £200 mark, but will mean you get the best price possible for your car.
  •      Replace your mats. If you can’t afford to get it detailed, consider replacing your car mats. The likelihood is these are a bit downtrodden. New ones, whether carpet or rubber, will add a bit of zing to your interior.
  •      Get it serviced. If a potential buyer can see it’s been recently inspected by a professional they’ll have more confidence in buying it from you and less likely to knock you down on price.
  •      Get it tested. If the MOT is about to expire get it renewed if it doesn’t need anything major doing to it.
  •      Get all your paperwork in order. New owners like to see a service record, details of any repairs or replacements, and general maintenance. Have the log book, car manual and any spare keys to hand.
  •      Be realistic about the price. It’s better to have a queue of potential purchasers beating a path to your garage than no interest whatsoever. Compare your car to others on the market to see what the competition is like.
  •      Make your ad as detailed as possible. Include mileage, extras and anything that makes it that little bit special or different (furry dice don’t count).
  •      Take pictures of your car against a great backdrop. You’ll reap rewards from that valeting if you take pictures somewhere scenic on a sunny day, rather than on a pub car park in the rain.

One final word of caution – if you are selling it privately, don’t take any risks when potential buyers come to view it. For obvious reasons, don’t give them the keys and let them take it round the block for a test drive. If they don’t pay in cash, make sure the money is in your bank before you sign any paperwork and complete the transaction.