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How to Save Money on Dog Food

They might be man’s best friend, but a canine is a foe when it comes to your finances. Feeding them certainly isn’t cheap.

Giving your dog quality food is the best thing you can do to keep him active and healthy. So, how can you do what’s right but save money on your mutt’s mealtimes? Get your teeth into these top tips:

  • Buy in bulk. Big bags of pet food are heavy and difficult to carry but they work out a lot cheaper than smaller ones. Compare prices and either haul home the heavyweights or, better still, order online and have it delivered to your door. Make sure you store it somewhere dry and where the hound can’t help himself!
  • Be cheeky. Ask your vet for samples and money-off vouchers. Pet food manufacturers and suppliers send them plenty of both, so they’re usually happy to dish them out.
  • Search online for offers and discounts. Sign-up as a new customer on pet supply websites (there are tons) and you’ll get a substantial reduction on your first order and alerts on special deals and promotions.
  • Facebook freebies. ‘Like’ all the big pet food brands and you’ll gain access to exclusive offers and giveaways.
  • Pet shop promos. Have a friendly chat with your local pet shop owner. When they take on board new lines, they’re given free bags to dole out. Make sure you’re first in the queue.
  • Reward schemes. If you tend to stick with one brand of food, make sure you’re signed up to the loyalty scheme. All the major suppliers have them and, as you’re buying on such a regular basis, you can quickly earn generous discounts.
  • Be a star baker! Treats tend to work out more expensive than food and come in small quantities. You can easily make a big batch yourself for a fraction of the price. Search for a recipe online.
  • Homemade. Another option is to supplement your dog food with homemade recipes. The added benefit with this is that you know exactly what is going into it. Stick to high protein ingredients such as meat and fish but, make sure you’re meeting the daily requirements for nutrition.
  • Switch to raw. A diet of fresh meat, vegetables and fruit can be very good for your dog and your finances. But read up on it before you make the move.

One final point on your dog’s behalf: buying cheaper brands is not always a good investment in the longer term. If you look at the nutritional information and compare, you can see exactly what you – or more importantly, your mutt – is getting for the money. If it’s a lot of grain and unpleasant additives, your dog will soon make it perfectly clear that he doesn’t agree with what you’re dishing up…