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Introducing: #GreatIn8!

What do you do when your beloved local Youth Zone has been facing financial hardship throughout the pandemic and needs as much support as possible?

Unfortunately, this is the question we’ve been faced with for our company charity, the Manchester Youth Zone. So, we’re rising to the challenge with a mammoth fundraising campaign spanning 8 whole months…

Moneyplus Group has been a long-time supporter of the Manchester Youth Zone, and we’re aware of the devastating impact the recent pandemic has had on its members and the facility itself.

The Youth Zone isn’t just a place for young people to play games after school. It’s a place that young people can go for something to do and someone to talk to – a second home that is there for them in times of need.

Over the years we’ve held fundraising challenges, bake sales, endurance events, built Christmas present hampers for the families of Youth Zone members, and much more to show our support to this amazing charity, which helps over 1,000 young people across Greater Manchester each week – but we need to do more.

That’s why we’re stepping up to Be #GreatIn8!

Our #GreatIn8 campaign will span 8 whole months (that’s the ‘in 8’ part) from August 2021 – March 2022, and will aim to raise a grand total of £50,000! (that’s the ‘great’ part…).

We’ll be involving the whole company in this endeavour, with staff across all levels getting involved to raise as much as they can, however they can, all in 8 months!

Our MoneyPlus People will be putting on various fundraising events that people can sponsor and donate to, with every penny raised going directly to the Manchester Youth Zone – so every penny donated counts!

We’ll be bringing you monthly updates of our events and challenges plus a total of how much we’ve raised so far, so we can all be #GreatIn8!

What have we done so far?

We began our #GreatIn8 campaign at the beginning of August with some smaller fundraising events, such as special lunches in our on-site Café, our own Olympics and Euros medal predictor challenges, £1 donation for Friday Dress Down and more.

Through these smaller events, we’ve already managed to raise a massive £4,188!

But we’re only getting started… Our calendar is filling up with events and challenges set by our MoneyPlus People to help raise as much money as possible, and they’re not backing down.

Three Peaks Challenge.

A handful of our MoneyPlus People are donning their best hiking gear and heading to the peaks… not the Peak District, but the three highest peaks of England, Scotland and Wales.

That’s hard enough as it is, but the real challenge is climbing all three mountains within 24 hours, which is exactly what our team will be doing!

On the early morning of 4th September, Kate Dawkins, Sophie Garside, David Davies, Hannah Kearey, Lee Massey, Kevaughn Walters, Mike Hutton and Jonathan Mills will set off on an epic journey…

First peak: Ben Nevis, Scotland

The group will climb Ben Nevis from 5pm-10pm (the average time to complete this mountain is 7-9 hours – our group are aiming to complete it in 5)

6 hour drive to the next peak

Second peak: Scafell Pike, England

The group will climb Scafell Pike from 4am-8am (the average time to complete this mountain is 5-6 hours – our group are aiming to complete it in 4).

5 hour drive to the final peak

Third peak: Snowdon, Wales

The group will climb Snowdon from 1:30pm-5pm (the average time to complete this mountain is 5-7 hours – our group are aiming to complete it in 4).

The hiking group are hoping to raise £3,000, and they need your help to get them there.

Click here to donate to their challenge!

Director Donator.

We’ve talked our Group Directors into ‘owning a month’ throughout our #GreatIn8 fundraiser, meaning one Director per month will be in the spotlight doing their own event!

September is owned by our Finance Director, Mike Hutton, who will be running a marathon over the course of the month!

Mike will actually be running a total of 31.4 miles (or 50.5 km), which is the distance between Mike’s house and the Manchester Youth Zone – it’s a little bit more than a marathon, but we’re not complaining.

He’ll be averaging about 2 runs per week throughout September, which means that each run will be just shy of 4 miles.

Every penny counts, so if you’d like to donate to Mike’s cause, simply click below and give what you can.

Click here to donate to Marathon Mike!

Let’s get Mike across the finish line.

CEO Skydive!

Our very own CEO, Chris Davis, is throwing caution to the wind (literally) by jumping from 15,000 feet and reaching speeds of 120mph on 9th October!

He says he’s not nervous, but we don’t believe him…

Chris will be completing the daredevil sky dive with his friend, David Tolley, and the two of them are hoping to raise as much money as possible in order to reach our overall #GreatIn8 target of £50,000 by March 2022!

Click here to donate to Chris’ skydive.

Please dig deep – any donations, big or small, are welcomed, and every penny will be used to help MYZ continue to change the lives of young people that need it.

Let’s get together and help raise much-needed funds for a local charity that is a lifeline to many young people, and has been hit hard by the recent pandemic.

Let’s Be #GreatIn8!