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Energy Saving tips #debtawarenessweek

Energy, alongside inflation, cost-of-living, and crisis, is a word you’re probably sick of hearing at this point. With the current energy crisis and rising inflation costs, it feels like you can’t turn anywhere without another headline about the rising costs.

Well, this is another one of those articles… However, rather than blast you with negative stats and worrying predictions, for #debtawarenessweek, here at MoneyPlus, we thought we’d give you some simple tips and energy saving tricks, to hopefully soften the blow of the rising costs!

Switch off Standby!

Look, we’re all guilty, leaving your phone on overnight, not switching off the tv by the wall (who has the energy to stand up and move across the room?) but this overly simple trick is a generic one for a reason. It’s estimated you will save around £55 a year by committing to this herculean task! And if the idea seems impossible, a smart plug is a great addition to your home entertainment system or charging ports.

Who is actually having a brew?

The intention is always there, you fill that kettle up to the top because you know the pain of having to refill it, but its time to accept this isn’t the way. By boiling that extra water every time, you’re boiling up around £11 every year on your energy bill! So, the next time you’re making a cup of tea, just remember it helps everyone to be a little selfish.

Review your energy bills.

I know, I know, just the idea of gazing at those dreaded white sheets of paper is enough to send you to sleep but it can sometimes be the lesser of two evils next to overpaying on your bills. Though cheap energy deals have (understandably) diminished lately, the price cap on out-of-contract tariffs is likely to see a rise on 1st April. So, compare gas and electricity prices in the coming weeks to protect yourself from more price increases. 

It’s time to say goodbye to the bubble bath.

I know you bath lovers are going to hate this one, but its time to give up the suds. Switching out just one of your self-care soaks for a shower could save you £11 a year on your energy bill.

But if you shower loyalists think you’re safe then think again! It’s estimated that cutting just a minute off your usual shower time could save around £75 a year in energy bills and around £105 if you have a meter.

You could also invest in a shower timer or a water regulating shower head. Moneysaving gurus also advise turning off the water between lathering and rinsing. Finally, for the truly brave there’s the cold shower, who’s often tooted health benefits still aren’t enough to sway us …

Turn the thermostat down and layer up.

A simple but effective tip, turning down the heat by just a small amount is another effective way to cut down on your energy bills. It’s estimated that turning down the dial from 24-23 could save UK households across the country a whopping £800 million, though seeing that dial on an odd number might get enough people heated enough for a further degree down to 22.

Digging out an old cardigan or sweater and layering up to save on these energy bills is a small, easy way we can all save on our household spend. And if you’re reading this saying ‘I don’t have a thermostat’ Well consider that your bonus tip, a room thermostat is a great way to get on top of your heating bills and will save a typical household around £75 a year.

Install a smart meter.

It’s right there in the name. A smart meter can help you keep track of your daily household usage and track your energy consumption each month, allowing you to be more mindful of your energy costs.

Though, unlike other smart technologies, a smart meter doesn’t have to cost a premium. As part of a government scheme all energy suppliers now install smart meters for free! (Though there may be a wait) A smart meter is a great way to make yourself more energy conscious.

Draught Proofing.

You’ve probably seen those funny, long draught cushions under the doors at your grandma’s house. These, among many other methods, are in fact a great way of stopping all that precious heat from escaping through draughts.

Draught proofing is a great way to insulate rooms with minimal instillation. From door cushions to window sash’s to keyhole and letterbox covers, these methods are all relatively cheap and, alongside making your rooms more homely, could save your household between £25 -£50 on your energy bills per year.

Radiator Thermostats.

Unless we’re worried about ghosts getting chilly, there’s no reason to be heating empty rooms. Radiator thermostats are a great way to make sure you aren’t wasting energy where it isn’t needed. You can use them to set the temperature of each room and when the temperature in the room rises, it will stop water flowing to that particular radiator.

Installing radiator thermostats (alongside a main thermostat) allows you to exercise full control of where the heat is going in your house and could save you around 6% (£85) a year on your energy bills.

We hope you found these tips helpful during #debtawareness week and especially in the current times, staying on top of your household bills is more important than ever.

With one in five households citing household bills as one of the main reasons for their debts in 2022, we understand the difficulties in maintaining your finances.

If you are currently struggling with mounting debts and need advice, get in touch with our support team at MoneyPlus Advice to find out how we can help you live better.

Energy Saving tips #debtawarenessweek