July Gems

Welcome to the MoneyPlus Newsletter. This month, we’re focusing on July Gems – those little shiny nuggets of helpful information and useful tips that are either just what you’ve been after, or great to keep around for a rainy day. Things like which banks have been voted the best by their customers (thinking of a … Continued

Live Better Blog: July Round-Up

It may well be summer now, but after a month or so filled with bouts of thunderstorms mixed with intense heat (not something we’re quite used to in the North), you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re living in a big leaky greenhouse. Alas, it is definitely summer and, also alas, football didn’t end up coming … Continued

DRO update: Are you eligible?

The rules around eligibility for a Debt Relief Order (DRO) have changed as of 29th June 2021, which means that you may now be eligible when you might not have been before. What is a DRO? A DRO is a type of insolvency that allows you to write off your debt after 12 months if … Continued

The June Review

Welcome to the MoneyPlus Newsletter. Earlier in the year, we gave you the low-down on how upcoming changes may alter your financial goals for the year ahead. Well, this month we’re focusing on ways to see how those changes might have affected you by completing your own mid-year financial check-up in The June Review. If … Continued

Erroneous transfers: Switched by mistake

Switching energy suppliers is usually a very straightforward process, and involves very little input from the customer past the point of the initial switch; energy companies speak to each other directly to ensure that switches go ahead smoothly and with no disruption to supply. However, occasionally an energy supplier takes over the supply of a … Continued

Live Better Blog: June Round-Up

After a rather wet and windy start to spring, we’re ready to soak up some rays and hug our close ones once again – hooray! Whilst we’re basking in the sunlight, we’ll also be taking a look back on the last month – a month that’s brought us a brand new housing scheme during a … Continued

Money May

Welcome to the MoneyPlus Newsletter. This month its Money May, and we’re focusing on ways that we can help you save on everyday expenses, right through to claiming back thousands through a new PPI wave – are you eligible? Find out below… Claim back up to £40k with MoneyPlus Legal. The PPI 2 storm is … Continued

Live Better Blog: May Round-Up

We’re almost half-way through 2021 (how time flies!) and as we prepare for another round of lifting restrictions, we’ll be taking a look back on the last month – a month full of new government schemes, a somewhat unexpected jobs issue, and a big focus on mental health… Aaand breathe. On the 4th May 2021, … Continued

Breathing Space: What it is, and what you should know.

It has been a while in the making (as far back as October 2018), but the government has recently announced its plan to introduce a new measure to protect people in temporary financial difficulties from getting into further debt. The measure is called Breathing Space, and it comes into action on 4th May 2021. In … Continued

Awareness April

Welcome to the MoneyPlus Newsletter. This month it’s Awareness April, and we’re focusing on spreading awareness about the financial impact of COVID-19. We know that the last 12 months have been incredibly hard for many, so we surveyed some of our MoneyPlus Advice customers to see how various parts of their lives have been impacted … Continued

Live Better Blog: April Round-Up

Having spent the last few months in a third national lockdown, it’s safe to say that the recent lift of certain restrictions is very welcome. Before we pack our picnics and head out the door, let’s take a look back on the last month – a mixture of re-opening businesses, immovable ships, and a big … Continued

Mindful March

Welcome to the MoneyPlus Newsletter. It’s been almost a year since the UK first went into lockdown, and there have been a lot of changes we’ve had to adapt to since then. Things like working from home, limiting time spent outside, moving social interactions online, finding new ways to exercise from home… But it’s not … Continued