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Are You One of Millions Owed Money by an Energy Provider?

Millions of people are owed money by an energy provider.

It’s estimated 60% of people have overpaid on their gas and electricity bills.

That means around 16 million people are in credit to the tune of hundreds of pounds – and the money is just sitting there waiting to be claimed.

Find out if you are one of them – and, if so, how to get your cash back.

  •      If you pay by direct debit and you haven’t provided a meter reading for a long time, chances are it’s you.
  •      That’s because fixed monthly payments are set on the last accurate reading, and often result in people paying for energy they don’t use.
  •      More than half of us haven’t taken a meter reading in the past month and one in 20 of us have never taken one at all.
  •      That means the set amount you’re paying every month could be way out from the gas and electricity you’re using.
  •      So, first things first, take an accurate meter reading. If you’re not sure how there are some useful guides online.
  •      You’re entitled to be refunded for any credit if an up-to-date meter reading has been provided. Take a photo if necessary.
  •      Most energy suppliers automatically refund credit balances once a year, but refund policies vary depending on your provider.
  •      Before applying for your money back, make sure you’re covered for winter usage. We all tend to crank up our heating and use more hot water when temperatures drop, so don’t leave yourself tight.
  •      If you’re one of those who switched energy supplier before 2014 and were owed money in credit, you should have had that back. There are many incidents when this hasn’t happened as energy suppliers have sat back and waited to be asked for it.
  •      About 3 million people are owed money from an old energy supplier.
  •      If this is you, call and ask for your cash back. If you’ve filed all your paperwork under ‘Bin’, you’ll find the phone number online.
  •      You should be able to go through the process on the phone, there and then. But some providers make you go through a few hoops and it involves pesky paperwork. Persevere. It’s your money they’re hanging on to here.
  •      You SHOULD get it back in your bank account within eight weeks. But don’t hold your breath.
  •      If they refuse to play ball, turn the heat up on them and contact the free Energy Ombudsman – details online. If they take on your case the likelihood is, you’ll have your cash back within 28 days. Result!