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10 – Ways to Have Fun for Free

We are all feeling the pinch. Money is tight. Everything costs. Or does it? Here are 10 ways to have fun for free!

1- Try a workout at a local gym. Most hand out free day-passes in an attempt to get you to sign on the dotted line, but there’s no obligation to join.

2- Visit the beauty counters and blag some samples. They’ve usually got loads of goodies hidden away. Be genuine. Tell them you’ve got dry skin/breakouts/excess oil and you’re considering their products but would like to test them out first.

3- Be a culture vulture. Museums, art galleries, castles, cathedrals – there are loads of places of interest that you can wander around for hours for free. There are usually free tours and workshops too.

4- Watch a show being recorded. You can apply for free tickets online to be in the audience of a huge range of TV and radio shows and witness some of the country’s top performers in action.

5- Check out your local bookshop for visiting authors/events. You’ll be amazed at the amount of cool stuff taking place, from readings to launches.

6- Sign-up to be a Mystery Shopper. You could end up sampling restaurants, cafes and amusement parks for free in return for a review.

7- Invite everyone round to your place for a meal, with the understanding they each bring something – pizzas, beer, doughnuts etc. You provide the plates and the comfy couch!

8- Ask your local hairdresser if they’re looking for models. You won’t have much say in what you look like, but it’ll grow again, right?

9- Dig your old library card out! Remember how great it was to mooch around the bookshelves without making a noise and getting slung out? Libraries are great places to go if you’re in need of some peace and solitude. And you can borrow the latest best-sellers for free.

10- Have a box-set binge. Sign up for a free trial on Netflix, sit-back and prepare to get square-eyes. You know it’s worth it!