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10 Tips to Make Sure You Get Your Rental Deposit Back

The time has come for you to move out of your rented property. You might be tempted to gather up your gear, say your goodbyes and go. If you leave without a backwards glance, chances are you’re going to walk away from your deposit. Here are some quick tips to make sure you get your cash back.

  1. Clean the place thoroughly. Degrease the hob, clean the bathroom, mop the floors, vacuum the carpets, empty the bins, that kind of thing. The landlord will think you’ve really taken care of the plac
  2. Paint over scuff marks on walls and doors unless you have evidence they were there when you moved in. If there are any holes or dents in the walls you know you’re responsible for, fill them in.
  3. Check your tenancy agreement to make sure you’re not responsible for bigger jobs, such as having the carpets steam-cleaned.
  4. Replace any broken or chipped crockery or missing cutlery. Don’t give the landlord an opportunity to bill you for anything.
  5. If the property is furnished, put everything back in its original place.
  6. Take photographs of every room once your belongings have gone so you have proof to show how you left the place.
  7. Take meter readings on the day your tenancy expired so you’ve a record of figures and the dates they were taken. Take photos of the meters to cover all bases.
  8. See if you can arrange a walk-through with your letting agent or landlord before you leave so you can see if there are any issues he’s going to pick up on.
  9. Negotiate – if you’ve been in the place for two or three years and no maintenance or repair work has been carried out by the landlord, he can’t expect it to be in the exact same condition. Wear and tear should be factored in.
  10. Challenge any deductions. If you think a quote for repair or cleaning work has been over-inflated, get your own independent one carried out.

Just a final note, before you move into your next rental place, read all the new paperwork thoroughly so you know exactly what the landlord expects in terms of care and upkeep and write up your own condition report if necessary.