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10 Things to Help You Afford That Summer Holiday

You can admit it: summer goal number one is to earn your tan back, but if you don’t start saving early there’ll be nothing to burn in the bank. Here’s 10 tips to save for your next getaway.

Feed the pig

At the end of each day, get everyone to empty all the loose change from their pockets and purses and drop it into a piggy bank or large, screw-top lid jar. It’s old-school, but all that shrapnel soon adds up.

Sell your clutter

There are so many places where you can sell your no-longer treasured possessions (i.e. junk). Etsy for unwanted arts and crafts, Vinted for second-hand clothes, Amazon for basically everything, Marketplace on Facebook, eBay… get flogging.

Recycle old mobile phones, DVDs and CDs

Get some readies for your old phone whether it’s fully functional or faulty. Sell your old DVDs, CDs and games on Music Magpie or Zapper.

Share travel

You might not want company in your car on the commute to and from work, but if it can drive down your travelling costs, what’s not to love (or tolerate)? Chances are, you could be sat inches from someone doing the same daily journey.

Kick the caffeine

If you regularly treat yourself to a takeaway cup of caffeine, then stop. Now. (Sorry Costa, Nero, Starbucks etc etc). Add up how much that hit is costing, and you won’t need a double espresso to get your adrenaline pumping.

Get into ‘couponing’

Sounds a bit naff carting all those bits of paper around until you consider the case of one woman who broke all  records by paying for a £1,200 shop entirely with coupons. Holly Smith is an ‘extreme couponer’ and runs her own website offering tips on how to match her success.

Switch energy suppliers

If you haven’t checked it out already, you could save hundreds of pounds by switching energy supplier. Millions of people can’t be bothered. Don’t be one of them.

Do you really need a TV licence?

If you ditch your TV and just watch catch-up services on Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5 you could save yourself £145.50 a year. The BBC iPlayer loophole was closed so you do need a TV licence to watch BBC programmes online, as well as live TV.

Treat saving like a bill

Commit to saving a regular amount each week or month. A small, manageable sum will make a big difference. Stick it in a box marked: ‘Paradise’ or something that will remind you why you’re doing it.

Love your lunchbox

You heard correctly. Take your own lunch to work every day instead of relying on the office canteen or local sandwich shop. You won’t only save money, if you’re creative it will be healthier and tastier too.

Happy hols!