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10 – Quick Penny Pinchers

Without wishing to promote a certain supermarket, when it comes to trying to save money, every little helps. Here are 10 quick ways you can save money.

  1. Leave your car at home and take the bus. It’ll save on fuel and parking.
  2. Forget the bus and use your legs. Save the fare and burn some fuel of your own.
  3. Dry your clothes on the line, not in the tumble dryer. Energy experts reckon you add more than 60p to your electricity bill every time you turn on the tumble. Your clothes will smell great too!
  4. Buy food with discounted yellow stickers on. Most supermarkets have a dedicated shelf and fridge for discounted items. Find out where it is and get first dibs.
  5. Make your own popcorn. It’s ridiculously easy – and cheap. It’s also great fun listening to the corn pop in the hot pan. Add your own seasoning or flavourings, put in a large bowl, settle back and enjoy.
  6. Don’t leave your soap in the bath. Or the shower. Or the sink! It will turn to mush, gather hair and generally not be useable.
  7. Use less shampoo. It’s a myth you should wash your hair twice. Once is more than adequate and, if you’re feeling a bit daring, use no shampoo at all. It’s said to give your hair a break from all the parabens and additives in most modern products.
  8. Flog your fruit! Roll a lemon on a work surface before squeezing it. You’ll get twice as much juice. When you’ve finished with it, stick it in a bowl of hot water in the microwave for three minutes. It will steam-clean the inside and leave it smelling fresh.
  9. Use scrunched up tin foil to clean oven trays rather than expensive scouring pads. The tin foil doesn’t even need to be clean. Use the piece you’ve used for cooking.
  10. Charge your mobile at work, rather than at home. Cheeky but cheaper!