We encourage you to use our social media accounts to engage with us, but we also want our social pages to be a safe, respectful and inclusive environment.

How our social media accounts are managed.

Unless stated otherwise, the information posted to our social media is only intended for residents of the United Kingdom.

We are unable to moderate what others post before it is posted, but we may remove posts which breach these House Rules. We may also block users who repeatedly break these rules.

If you come across content on our social accounts which you think is inappropriate or concerns you, please contact us either by direct message or using the contact details below.

You must remember to always follow the social media platform’s own rules and terms – if you don’t, they may hide your post or take other action, and we do not have control over this.

Our accounts are currently managed by our internal Marketing and Communications team from 9am to 5pm weekdays. If you have a social media enquiry, please contact

If you have a customer service enquiry, you must contact us by phone or email:

MoneyPlus Advice
Ph: 0161 837 4000

MoneyPlus Legal
Ph: 0161 837 4749

Expectations of behaviour.

Please do not do any of the following on our social media profiles:

  • Post personal or confidential information.
  • Post any defamatory content, or content which is offensive, abusive or indecent.
  • Post any content that might breach laws and regulations, including competition law.
  • Direct people to sites containing viruses, or anything that might damage their computer.
  • Try to access the administrator functions of our social media accounts.
  • Post spam, or participate in trolling.

Views and opinions.

Comments and messages posted by others (including employees) on our social media profiles are the views and opinions of the person posting, and are not necessarily the views of MoneyPlus.

Our social media profiles are hosted on independent platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn), and we can’t control what they do – having an account on these platforms does not indicate endorsement of their views.

Using your content.

If we’d like to use anything you post or message to our social media accounts, we’ll ask you first.

Using our content.

We encourage you to share our content with others so long as we are identified as the source (e.g. using our Twitter handle).

Changes to our House Rules.

We may change our social media House Rules from time to time, and we’ll let you know on our social accounts when we do this.

Your privacy.

We’re committed to protecting your information. You can read more about our Privacy Notice here.