MoneyPlus Rewards FAQs

Is MoneyPlus Rewards free?

Yes. It is completely free to use MoneyPlus Rewards and every penny of the cashback that you earn will be taken of your energy renewal.

Can I add more than one card?

Yes, you can add up to 10 credit or debit cards to your account. Every card added will be linked to your account to collect cashback rewards. They don’t all need to be in your name, so you can let family members join in too!

What is card linking?

Linking your card will allow MoneyPlus to qualify your transactions and calculate the applicable cashback rewards.

What will you do with my card data?

We can only see the transactions you make with our partnered brands and we only see them so that we can reward you – we can’t see anything else. We will never share or sell your data to a third party.

How do I close my MoneyPlus Rewards account?

We’re really sorry to hear that you want to leave.

If you’re unsure about linking your card, you should know that our members’ security is our top priority. Our card processing partner, Fidel are PCI compliant, and your card details will be encrypted with the highest security encryption levels that exist to date. Your details are replaced with an ID number which is meaningless out of context, even to us! The ID number is used for MasterCard, Amex and Visa’s secure systems to track your spend, only on your linked card and only for us to allocate your cashback rewards.

If you still want to leave, please email us at 

Please note – This is only to close your MoneyPlus Rewards account. To close your MoneyPlus Energy Account please email



How do I earn cashback?

Add a card and shop. It really is that simple! If a brand is on board with MoneyPlus Rewards, we’ll be able to track your purchase and reward your cashback.

What happens if I return a purchase?

Each brand will set its own returns period (for example; 30 days), cashback rewards will remain ‘pending’ until that period has passed. If a return isn’t made in that time frame, the cashback reward will then go into your digital wallet.

What payment methods are supported?

We are able to recognise Apple Pay and Google Pay, Amex and PayPal transactions (when payment is linked to a card), so purchases made via these payment methods will be rewarded. Currently, we do not support PayPal payments (when payment is linked to a bank account), or transactions made through Curve cards.
Please note – As MoneyPlus Rewards uses card linking, it is important to use your physical card details, and not the tokenised digital details within your Apple Pay or Google Pay account.



Why do I need to add a card?

You need to add at least one card so that you can earn cashback rewards. Your card details are encrypted and we can only see your spend with our partnered brands, and only for us to allocate your cashback rewards.

Is MoneyPlus Rewards secure?

We work with Fidel to track rewards, who are PCI compliant and will ensure that your card details are encrypted and stored securely. If you want to remove your cards, you can do this at any time within the app by heading to ‘Manage cards’. Once a card has been removed all card data will be deleted completely.

What happens to my card data?

We can only see the transactions you can make with brands that are on board and we can’t see anything else. We will never share or sell your data to a third party.

What if I change my card?

You can add or remove cards at any time by heading to ‘Manage cards’ within the app. Once a card is deleted we no long have access to any of the data.

How do I add a card?

Simply head to ‘Manage cards’ within the app and you’ll be able to add up to 10 debit or credit cards.



Why can’t I see my transaction?

Although most transactions will appear in almost real time, it can take up to 72 hours. If your transaction hasn’t appeared after 72 hours, please email telling us as much information as possible about the transaction including a clear image of your proof of purchase showing the last 4 digits of the card used for the transaction, the date, time and value of the transaction, who the transaction was with and which store, where applicable.

We can then investigate further with the retailer. Rest assured that we’ll be doing everything we can to get to the bottom of it!

How long will my transaction take?

Different brands will have different transactional periods so please check the fine print before purchasing to see how long your transaction will take to process.

As a general rule, we would expect a maximum of 72 hours for processing before rewards show as ‘pending’ in your digital wallet.



Why do some brands say ‘Requires activation’?

For some brands, you’ll need to activate the offer to allow your reward to be processed. You’ll be able to identify these brands easily as they’ll all say ‘Requires activation’ under the brand name. Once you click ‘Activate reward’ within the offer details page, any purchases made using your linked cards will be eligible for cashback. Please note: If the reward has not been activated, we won’t be able to process your cashback.

How long do reward offer rates last?

The reward rate is offered at the discretion of the brand and is therefore subject to change. If there’s an offer rate that you’re particularly interested in, we recommend checking back in with the app before you make your purchase to ensure it’s still available.

How often are new brands added?

We’re always looking for great new brands to bring on board so keep an eye on the app!


MoneyPlus Energy.


Meter readings.

How often should I read my meter?

You can set up helpful reminders from within your app so that your bills are always accurate. Just make sure that you have enabled ‘push notifications’ by heading to ‘Contact preferences’.

Reading your meter regularly keeps your bills and payments spot on and it helps us keep costs down.

Why do you want me to read my smart meter?

First generation smart meters have not yet all been configured to send meter readings when you change suppliers. Don’t worry this is coming but in the meantime we need you to enter your reads quarterly.

How do I read my meter?

Read our helpful guide on how to read your meter.



Why don't you have a fixed plan available?

Too many suppliers have sold really cheap plans to customers only to put the price right up when the deal ends. We call this the ‘tease and squeeze’. We won’t do that. We won’t make any money on your direct costs so although the price may change, you’ll always know that you’re getting the best deal, whether you’ve been with us a month or 10 years!

Do you offer the Warm Home Discount?

We don’t currently offer the warm home discount.



When will I get my bill?

Prepayment customers will receive a bill once a year, all other customers will receive a bill every quarter.

Why does my bill look different?

We think you deserve to know what you’re paying for, so we’ve provided a full breakdown of the costs that make up your bill.

How do I get a copy of an old bill?

All of your bills will be stored in your secure online portal. Accessible 24 hours a day, from the comfort of your own home.

Can I use the app with my Prepayment meter?

Our Rewards app is currently only set up to work with customers who pay by Direct Debit, but watch this space for upgrades!