How it works.

We’ve partnered with loads of UK brands to offer our MoneyPlus Energy customers impressive cashback amounts that will sit in their digital wallet with the app.

By simply adding credit and debit cards via the app we’ll track the customers rewards automatically. They can then view all cashback and recent transactions.

When it’s time to renew their energy plan, all they need to do is click ‘Redeem’, and all that cash comes straight off their MoneyPlus Energy bill.

It really is that simple! No QR codes, loyalty cards or paying through a separate app. Our customers simply shop till they drop, and we do the rest.

MoneyPlus Energy.

MoneyPlus Energy helps customers save hundreds on their energy bills each year*, as well as offering complete bill transparency and expert customer service.

Our unique pricing model means we never charge our customers more for supplying their energy, no matter how much they use, and our highly engaged audience frequently receive relevant communications that helps support their finances year-round.

We’re confident that the thousands of customers we acquire each month will convert in this space.

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*Based on savings figures accurate from 01/01/2020 – 31/08/2020.